Lost Maples Winery

Lost Maples Winery is located in Bandera County, Texas. It is owned and operated by Tom & Glenda Slaughter. They specialize in growing Black Spanish/Lenoir grapes and have been doing so since 2006. It was also the very first vineyard in Bandera County. The Vineyard is 65 miles northwest of San Antonio, Texas, and only two miles from Lost Maples State Park. the vineyard produces not only top-notch Black Spanish Lenoir grapes but also many different kinds of top quality wines.

They say their grapes are grown on pieces of land that have been owned by Glenda's family for over 175 years (since before Texas was even an actual state.) The Polvadeau family migrated from France to the United States of America. John Palvadeau (Glenda's great grandfather), who settled along the beautiful spring-fed waters of the Sabinal River which is near Vanderpool, TX. Tom and Glenda grow their grapes and produce their very own wine as a loving testament to Her Grandparents. Which in a way, is what makes the wine so authentic.

Glenda and Tom like to say "They are committed to the wine industry in the great "Lonestar" State of Texas. They even have a beautiful nursery that sends their cuttings from the plants, and it's cuttings which are propagated from their cuttings to Vineyards all over the United States.

One of their sayings says " We believe that if you honor and respect the land on which the grapes grow, it will reward you with its bounty. If you honor and respect the grapes themselves, they will render the most delicious wine that is to be celebrated, as much as it will be celebrated with." Originally the hearty and robust Black Spanish/Lenoir grapes were brought to Texas by the Spanish missionaries that were used to make their communion wines. Today, they are the basis of Tom and Glenda's "deliciously distinctive wines." They say "We hope you'll stop in if you happen to be in the area for a tasting and some world-famous "Texan Hospitality."