The Laurel Tree

If you're in the mood for some delicious gourmet dinner, Go on in! They are open to the public, by reservation for either lunch or dinner on Saturdays and they'd love to have you as their guest. The menu changes weekly and features only the freshest of seasonal ingredients. Laurel Waters who is the chef has this to say about her experience working at The Laurel Tree. 

"As I reflect over the past 15 years, I can't help but feel blessed and honored to be able to be a part of so many special occasions and moments with our wonderful guests. People come from far and wide to dine with us, and we really have become a destination restaurant. We also have just gotten a little bigger and a little more special with the new addition of private treehouse dining! Who would have ever thought we could get any better! One of the many highlights for me each week is planning the menu.

I love marrying my classic French training with my Texas Hill Country roots. I get inspiration from travels, my garden, my taste buds, my sense of smell and my heart. If I could eat my way across the world, I would do it! When you reserve a table, it will be yours for the entire lunchtime or evening. You might allow time to meander through the pecan grove and visit the herb and vegetable gardens.

Among our amenities are fresh flowers, candlelight, and fireside seating as the weather changes. We are in a "dry" district, so feel free to bring your own wine and we will furnish glasses and corkscrews. Bring your sweetheart, your family, your best friends, and a healthy appetite.
Live Well! Eat Well! Bon Appetit!
Laurel Waters

As you can see, Laurel loves what she does, and especially the place she does it. She is also most definitely an expert in the Kitchen Try any of their delicious meals, and it's almost a guarantee that the entire family will be stuffed! Although they're only open on Saturdays, We still highly recommend them to be your choice of a memorable lunch or dinner.